Tom Huynh

Councilmember, District 1

Phone: 801-963-3374
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Tom HuynhTom frequently visits with his constituents who share their concerns regarding public safety, taxes, the city's image, and other pressing issues. A majority of his constituents are concerned about public safety; in 2013 Tom began a long-term commitment to get to know the local crime issues and the city's response. Twice each month, he spends two hours riding with a police officer to see these issues first-hand.

"This effort has been very rewarding," says Huynh. "I have come to know the dedicated men and women of our police force and the criminal problems that they face each day."

Tom has since met with the City Manager to find effective ways to improve the safety of residents.

"I sincerely want to thank to the residents in my district who re-elected me to serve a second term," Tom says. "I pledge to do my very best to represent them and to maintain their trust."

Council member Huynh is married and has two sons and a daughter. in addition to serving on the West Valley City Council, he is currently a board member of ChamberWest and a board member of the Utah Cultural Celebration Center Foundation.

At age 19, Councilmember Tom Huynh escaped Vietnam by boat. After being lost and running out of water and food, he finally arrived safely at the Palawan Refugee Camp in the Philippines. Tom immediately volunteered to work as a Deputy Commissioner to assist other refugees in the camp for two years.

In 1988, Tom's dream of immigrating to America was fulfilled. In 1990, he saved money and paid his own way for a church mission to Washington D.C. Following his mission, Tom attended BYU and earned a degree in Asian Studies. Upon graduation he served as president of the Vietnamese Community of Utah. In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina Tom traveled to New Orleans as a volunteer to rebuild homes.

"I am truly grateful for this country that took me in and gave me the opportunity to grow and learn," says Huynh. "Serving on the West Valley City Council is one of the ways I can contribute to the community that I love."