Investigations Section

The Investigations Section is a component of the Strategic Policing Bureau and is supervised by the Investigations Lieutenant. This section is responsible for follow up investigations on all active cases generated by the Patrol Bureau; detectives may also initiate proactive investigations. The Investigations Section is comprised of four investigative groups, supervised by a Detective Sergeant:

  • Two investigative groups handle follow-up investigations for most crimes: a Domestic Violence/Juvenile Crime Unit and a Property Unit. These groups also oversee City Attorney Investigators.
  • One group comprises the Major Case Response Team (MCRT) which responds to critical incidents including homicides, officer involved critical incidents, kidnappings, and other significant criminal investigations that require investigative expertise and a highly coordinated investigation.
  • One group is comprised of detectives who make up the Special Victims Unit (SVU). These detectives investigate sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect of children. They also investigate sexual abuse of adults, and abuse crimes against the elderly.

Filing a Report / Investigation Questions

If you need to file a report with our agency, please call the non-emergency dispatch number: 801-840-4000.  However, if you already have a case number and wish to speak to the detective handling your investigation, please call 801-963-3293.