West Valley City Crossing Guards


Some true heroes in the community are the Crossing Guards that protect our children while going to and from the schools everyday. These fine folks work rain or shine to assist the little ones safely to their destinations.

There are 42 school crossing guards employed by the West Valley City Police Department that assist the children in attending the 20 elementary schools in the city. The people who are crossing guards are a diverse and talented group. Ages run from the youngest at 21, to the oldest in their 70's. But they share one common trait - they love and protect the children.

A Crossing Guard is required to complete 8 hours of training, be CPR and First Aid certified, successfully pass a police background check and drug screen, and a week of "on the job" training with an experienced crossing guard. Next time you see a Crossing Guard - slow down, be respectful, and tell them Thanks!

Pet Peeves Of Crossing Guards

  • 90% of the problems are with parents of students
  • Careless Drivers
  • Disrespect and Rudeness (from the adults/drivers, not the children)
  • Parents double parking to pick up and off load their children
  • Parents who have their children "jay walk" to and from the family car

Five Best Things About Being A Crossing Guard

  1. Good Drivers
  2. Hugs
  3. The Love of the Children
  4. Nice Weather Days
  5. Their new Crossing Guard Vests

Want To Be A Crossing Guard?

West Valley City is always accepting applications for crossing guards.