Adoption Procedure


Animal Shelter employees are tasked with finding good homes for the animals in our care. To accomplish this, we have established a vetting process for adoption. This is like applying for a job – you fill out an application and after a review of your application you may be invited for an interview; if the interview goes well you might be offered the job, or in this case, the opportunity to adopt.

Utah State law requires two things of the animal shelter:

  1. We must wait 5 business days after receiving an animal into the shelter before we can do anything with the animal; this is so the owner has time to redeem their pet.
  2. All animals adopted out must be sterilized. To accomplish this, we wait the allotted 5 days and then we fix the animal. The animal is then available the next day after surgery for adoption (most likely this will be a Wednesday or a Friday as we usually do surgery on Tuesday and Thursday).


After the animal is available for adoption we take applications on a first-come-first-served basis.


An exception to taking applications after the animal is available is that we will allow the finder of a stray animal to fill out an application at the time they turn in the animal to the shelter to be held as the first application until the animal is available. If someone else also wants to adopt the animal, then the process for more than one person wanting the animal will be followed.


The person wanting to adopt (representing a household) fills out an application and turns it into our front office clerks. The clerks, if they have time, can review the application and if they have no concerns, invite the potential adopter to do a meet-and-greet (interview) with the animal (all members of the household, as well as other pets, must meet the pet). If the potential adopter, as well as the shelter staff, have no concerns then the adoption contract can be completed.

If more than one person/household want a specific animal, we start taking applications on a first-come-first-served basis when we open on the day that animal is available. All those present when we open can apply and have their applications reviewed. More than one employee will be involved in the initial review of these applications. If all things are basically equal between two or more applications, we will have a drawing.

Dogs Adopted in Groups

We reserve the right to form distinct groups depending on qualifications that separate groups from one another; for example, if two dogs came in together and obviously would do better if adopted into the same home, we might form a group of those who want both dogs and another group of those who want just one of the dogs with the first group having preference as this would be best for the dogs.


Those drawn first will have the first chance to do a meet-and-greet with the animal. Meet-and-greets should be done within 24 hours of notification, or the animal being available, whichever is later to avoid forfeiting the right to adopt. If that first person withdraws, forfeits, or is not able to adopt, then we go to the next person and so forth.

All those submitting applications will be notified of their status per the information on their application. Those who are not present when we open can still fill out an application but will be placed, in order, behind those who had their application in first.


The person applying must be 18 years of age or otherwise able to enter into a legal contract. The application and meet-and-greet does not guarantee adoption. Adoptions are at the discretion of the animal shelter staff. If you disagree with a decision, and the adoption process is not started with another person, you can appeal that decision to the Shelter Supervisor.