Excavation Permits

Procedure & Requirements

An excavation permit is required for any work in the City's right-of-way. This permit can be obtained from the West Valley City Public Works Department located at:
3600 S Constitution Boulevard (2700 W)
Room 250
West Valley City, UT 84119

Application Process

  1. Fill out an Application For Excavation Permit (PDF)
  2. Include required submittals
  3. Once the excavation permit application is completed correctly and all required submittals are included, it will be submitted to the appropriate person for review. Notification will be given of the approval or denial within seven business days. A Pre-Construction meeting will be required.

Required Submittals

The following items 1 to 3 must be on file with the Engineering Division prior to the acceptance of an excavation permit application. The remaining items are either optional or required depending upon the specifics associated with the excavation permit.

  1. Current copy of a Utah Contractors License.
  2. An original Certificate of Insurance (PDF) with West Valley City listed as the certificate holder (Each Occurrence $1,000,000 minimum, General Aggregate $1,000,000).
  3. An original License and Permit Bond bound to West Valley City for a minimum of $10,000 (sufficient to cover all work done for a period of 12 months). Bond Continuation Certificates may be required.
    We do not supply the forms for items 2 and 3, they are obtained
    from your insurance carrier / bonding company (original copies only no faxes). If you are sending these documents to us, please send them to
    the following address:
    Attention: Ryan Ramirez
    West Valley City Division of Engineering
    3600 S Constitution Boulevard
    West Valley City, UT 84119
  4. Drawing of project parameters on a minimum 8 1/2 by 11 size paper.
  5. M. U. T. C. D. compliant traffic control plan for all work within the roadway (samples available upon request)
  6. Fax updated proctor on material used 24 hours prior to the scheduled compaction test to 801-963-3540 Attention: Ryan Ramirez, or email Permit Office.
  7. Fax sieve analysis 24 hours prior to scheduled compaction test to 963-3540 Attention: Ryan Ramirez, or email Permit Office.
  8. Fax Marshall 24 hours prior to scheduled compaction test to 963-3540 Attention: Ryan Ramirez, or email Permit Office.
  9. Street Closure: If you plan on closing off a road, the City will require at least seven days advance notice along with a certified traffic control plan prior to approving the road closure request. This permit is obtained from our office and must be approved by the City Engineer, Police Department and Fire Department. (see Permit Fees, section III - 6).

Permit Fees

Permits are good for a maximum of 45 calendar days. If work has not been completed by the permit's expiration date a permit extension must be obtained.

General Fees & Special Fees

Inspection Requirements (after permit approval only)

An inspection time must be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to beginning any construction (48 hour notice required for all weekend work). Contact 801-963-3318 to schedule a time.


  1. All restoration shall take place within 72 hours from the time excavation begins, unless otherwise noted on permit.
  2. All construction done during temperatures below 55 degrees are subject to WVC Cold Weather Specifications. Replacement of temporary patching required within 90 days of ambient temperature being 55 degrees. The City will check the patch at an appropriate time to be sure all hot mix requirements have been met. (Note Cold Weather Standards).
  3. New underground utility installations crossing roadways must be placed by boring. If boring is impossible due to unusual circumstances such as soils conditions, existing utilities, etc., a request for an exception may be made to the Engineering Division.
  4. Permit is valid for 45 days from date of issuance, extension of time must be approved by the Engineering Division.
  5. Plans and permit must be on the job site at all times.
  6. All excavation and construction shall be in accordance with West Valley City Standard Specifications and all applicable ordinances and laws of West Valley City and the State of Utah. Note: APWA Standard Drawings and Specifications may be obtained at West Valley City for a fee of $55.

Other Options

  1. Temporary street could be constructed with 2 inch asphalt pavement on compacted subgrade. Pavement will be removed in spring and road will be constructed as shown on plans and according to Section 32 12 16 1.5 of the APWA Manual of Standard Specifications, 2007 Edition.
  2. Base course placed on compacted subgrade as per WVC Specifications. A 2 inch temporary asphalt pavement placed on compacted base course. Temporary asphalt pavement to be removed or milled into base course in spring and constructed in accordance with Section 32 12 16 of the APWA Manual of Standard Specifications, 2012 Edition.

Note: Grading for street section to be modified to accommodate milled asphalt road material if this option is used. Full depth of base course required.

For Assistance or Questions


Ryan Ramirez
Permits Officer
Phone: 801-965-5842
Fax: 801-963-3540
Email Ryan Ramirez

For an inspection or to activate a permit please call 801-963-3318. Inspections are available Monday through Thursday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  1. Cold Weather Standard
  2. Moratorium Standard
  3. Special Restoration Standard

Cold Weather Standard

West Valley City Engineering Paving Standards WVC paving standards are as outlined in Section 32 12 16 1.5 (Plant Mix - Asphalt Mix) of the APWA Standard Specifications, 2012 Edition. In summary, pave only when air and roadbed temperatures in the shade are greater than 50E F. Paving shall cease during rain or unsuitable weather or when surface is wet. Pavement sections shall be constructed as shown on approved plans or permits.

WVC Cold Weather Paving Standards will be allowed only when air and roadbed temperatures are between 40E and 49E (no frost in ground). Asphalt section will be increased as follows:

  • Subdivision street section as shown on plans plus 1 inch asphalt pavement.
  • Major street section as shown on plans plus 2 inch asphalt pavement.
  • Note: Grading for street section to be modified to accommodate increased asphalt pavement depths. Modified pavement depths may require placement in more than one lift of the paving operation. Full depth base course required.
  • Below 40E F. and frost in the roadbase equals No Paving.