Civil Division

The Civil Division is located in the City Hall building. The division is managed and supervised by Brandon Hill, Division Head; and includes:


The Civil Division serves as legal counsel for the city, including the:

  • City boards and commissions
  • City Council
  • City departments
  • City Manager
  • Mayor
  • Other city staff and organizations, in all areas of municipal law

The division also handles civil and criminal appeals in the Utah appellate courts.

Legality & Insurance Programs

The Civil Division also works to minimize the City's legal risks, promote and coordinate the safety of citizens and employees, and protect and enforce the interests of the city in state and federal courts. To that end, the division advises the city on insurance and risk management issues.

The division administers insurance programs relating to the city's real and personal property. The division works with city departments and the city's municipal insurance pool to handle claims for damaged property and personal injury, and to reduce the risks posed by city activities to city employees and the public at large.


The division litigates the City's claims and settles or defends litigation against the city. Contact the Civil Division for risk management issues, including reporting accidents, injuries or damage.