Kidz Kamp


Kidz Kamp

General Information

Who: Children ages 5 to 12

What: A fun camp for kids all year round. Licensed by the State of Utah.

When: Monday through Friday

Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Where: Family Fitness Center

Program Includes

Special Guests 

  • Kidz Fit
  • Rock Climbing
  • Silly Games
  • Swimming
  • Yummy Lunch and Snacks and much more


  • $27 per day per child or 
  • $120 per week per child 
  • $115 per additional children
  • No Refunds or Date Changes


No refunds or date changes accepted due to camp slots being filled fast, so please sign up early.


All registrations are due on Tuesday by the WVC Family Fitness Center close of business the week prior to the beginning of camp. Note: No late registrations or date changes accepted. Call for 801-955-4000 for more information.

Kidz Kamp Logo West Valley City

School Year Kidz Kamp

School Year Kidz Kamp 2021


Q- Is Summer Kidz Kamp going on any field trips this year?

A- We are not going on field trips this year because of covid, but we are having special guests come to us such as Mad Science and Scales and Tails.

Q- What days will the special guests be?

A- Special guests will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and some Fridays.  

Q- What days will the kids be swimming?

A- Groups 1-4 will be swimming on Tuesdays.  Groups 5-8 will be swimming on Wednesdays.  All groups will be swimming on Fridays. 

Q- What food will be provided for my child(ren) that attend Kidz Kamp?

A- We provide a snack in the morning if the child(ren) are here before 8:30AM.  We also provide lunch at noon and a afternoon snack at 3PM.  If your child does not like what we provide you are more then welcome to send your child with a lunch or snacks to eat at those times.  

Q- How do I register?  Can I register online?

A- Unfortunately we are not set up for online registration for Kidz Kamp at this time but it is something we are working on.  To register you will need to come into the West Valley City Family Fitness Center and ask the staff at the front desk for the registration paperwork for Kidz Kamp.  Once you have filled out that form you will need to pay for the days you are trying to register for, paying is what saves your spot in the program. 

Q- Can I set up reoccurring payment for Kidz Kamp?

A- No, you will need to come in and register and pay for more days of Kidz Kamp.

Q- Do the kids have to be punctual at 7AM?

A- No, the kids can be dropped off / picked up at any time between 7AM and 6PM.