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Animal Services Dog Escape Prevention Quiz

  1. Dog Escape Prevention Quiz
    This quiz should be taken after watching our Dog Escape Prevention Video and reading material.
  2. 1. Utah Law Requires you to:*
  3. 3. How do you get the most out of dog toys? (Select all that apply)*
  4. 4. How often does a female dog go into season?*
  5. 6. What are some reasons that dogs run at large? (Select all that apply)*
  6. 7. Why isn't it recommended to tie your dog out in the yard? (Select all that apply)*
  7. 8. If you have to tie your dog out, what is a safe way to do it? *
  8. 10. Dogs are ____________ creatures.*
  9. 11. How often should you spend time with your dog?*
  10. 12. What are some positives of spaying or neutering your pet?*
  11. Would you like an Animal Control Officer to come and do a walkthrough of your fence line to help find problem areas?*
  12. What time of day works best for an Officer to come out?*
  13. What day works best?*
  14. If you change your mind, let us know! We are happy to come out and share our experience and knowledge with you!*
  15. Would you like us to send you other resources for your pet? *
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