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Animal Services Found Pet Form

  1. Found Pet Form
  2. If this is an emergency situation please contact our dispatch at 801-965-5845 (Monday-Friday 8am-6pm) or at 801-840-4000 (After Hours)
    This form can be filled out if you have found a pet in West Valley City or Taylorsville City. If you have found an animal outside of our jurisdiction, please contact the shelter that covers that area. If you need help finding this information, you can contact us at 801-965-5800.
  3. Filling out this form will help us to help match lost and found pets within our jurisdiction. If you are filling out this form outside of our business hours, please be aware that you may not be contacted until the next business day.
  6. What is the Animals Disposition?*
  7. If the animal is aggressive, injured, or sick please contact our animal control dispatch immediately at 801-965-5845 or 801-840-4000.
  8. Type of Animal*
  9. What size is the animal? *
  10. Is the Animal Contained? *
  11. Please be aware that if the animal is contained in a trap, you are responsible for the care of the animal while it is contained. Traps should not be placed outside of business hours and the trap should be placed out of the elements and water should be available to the animal at all times.
  12. Is the animal wearing a collar?*
  13. Is the animal wearing any tags?*
  14. Found animals are required to be brought to Animal Control within 24hrs (during business hours). Filling out this form will help us to match lost and found pets so that they may not need to come to the shelter. However, if we are unable to locate the animal's owner within 24hrs; it is the responsibility of the finder to either bring the animal into the shelter or have an animal control officer pick the animal up.
  15. Will you be bringing the animal to the shelter immediately? *
  16. Do we have your permission to give your phone number to the animals owner if we find them while the animal is still in your care?*
  17. Are you unable to bring the animal into the shelter and need an animal control officer to pick the animal up?*
  18. Please be aware that our Animal Control Officers respond by priority and it can take some time to get an officer out to pick the animal up. Animal Control Officers are available to pick up stray animals Monday-Friday from 8am to 6pm.
  19. I consent to the use of electronic signatures.*
  20. By signing below, I certify by law, that I do not own the animal listed above OR know who does.
  21. 76-8-504.5 (1) A person is guilty of a class A misdemeanor if the person makes a false statement: (2) Notification under Subsection (1) is sufficient if it is verbal or written and is in substantially the following form: “You are notified that statements you are about to make may be presented to a magistrate or a judge in lieu of your sworn testimony at a preliminary examination. Any false statement you make and That you do not believe to be true may subject you to criminal punishment as a class A misdemeanor.
  22. West Valley City Animal Services
    Located at 4522 West 3500 South. West Valley City, Utah 84120. Animal drop-off is open Monday-Friday from 12pm-6pm.
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